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Donation Info

Post by Mathletics » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:53 pm

All donations and VIP ranks last forever (or until server is up)
If you are looking to donate or have any questions please add me on steam here or find me on our discord

All donations stack. For example, if you donate $5 one month and another $5 the next month to a specific server, you will be rewarded the VIP status.

All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars).

--- NOTE ---
ONLY Minigames has a store right now and any money donated to other servers will go purely towards VIP statuses and other features.


VIP - $10
- Access to !vipmenu (Velocity Boost). Any boosts will be unavailable if you are going for timed runs.
- Ability to use and draw VIP Lasers and customise them through a menu.
Console: bind <key> "+sm_vip_laser", then press that key to start drawing.
Type !viplasermenu in chat to modify the colours.

- Access to !colourmenu to change the colour of your player skin.
- Free Chicken Pet which can be found in the in-game !store
- 3000 credits to spend in the in-game !store
- In-game VIP Tag.
- VIP Status on the Forums.
- VIP Player models (In Progress).

Super VIP - $25
- All features of regular VIP.
- 7500 credits to spend in the in-game !store.
- Free VIP Chucky Pet which can be found in the in-game !store
- Custom in-game tag of your choosing (Message Mathletics using one of the links above).
- Super VIP Status on the Forums.

(Minigames) For every $5 donation, you will be rewarded with 1500 credits.


VIP - $15
- Exclusive VIP Zombie and Human classes, accessible via !zclass. The VIP Human class comes with !zshield, in which you can bind it in Console: bind <key> "zshield". This shield gives up to 3 seconds immunity from Zombie infections.

- Access to !fg command to purchase up to 2 additional freeze grenades anywhere in the map.


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